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Afford.com.pk is in fact a culmination of various event that occurred  over the last 9 years. Afford.com.pk would never haved formed if any of these occasions would have changed even somewhat.

About Me – Yusuf Shakeel

I did my BS from FAST in 2005, MBA from IBA by 2007. I worked for UBL and Tradekey for sometime afterwards.

I resigned from my job on Feb 09, 2009 and started my first venture and went fourteen months straight without earning a single penny before I did my first sales.

During this time I learned and dabbled quite a bit into Ecommerce, B2B business, Adsense and Amazon affiliates and Niche sites.

Anyway, I continuously get asked by various people to help them in setting up their ecommerce ventures or even simple websites. The players who are already in the market would charge from Rs. 35000 to Rs, 150,000 for setting up a simple ecommerce platform; which would in actual would be no better than an empty dabba.  

They further would extort multiple of thousands of rupees for simple SEO and making the platform mobile friendly.

One of my best friends just got scammed by a website creator last month. He had to pay the company extra  money to get a simple features like having meta descriptions on homepage – which I think was very naughty.

Hence, I thought I would simplify things from now on. The people who are tech savvy can develop their own platforms or use website builders but this service is especially designed for those who don’t have time, energy, ability or capacity to invest time in technical facets of the business, to hire a developer, to create regular backups or to continuously keep the site safe from attacks.

Because of SAS (software as service) nature of this business and  also because of obvious arbitrage opportunities (anyone can buy low from me and sell high to someone else), I wont be allowing any resellers for Afford.com.pk at the moment.

With the current deficit rising with government taking more and more loans, I think in next 5-10 years Pakistan is going to get bankrupt unless entrepreneurship rescues the ship, which I think is our only hope.This is my side venture; I don’t intend to earn much from it. I would be happy if it breakevens. The sole purpose of this business is to produce more and more entrepreneurs and reduce barriers to entry.

So if you are a student, an artist, a budding entrepreneur or doctor who wants his practice to have a professional website (without giving away an arm and a leg) appear nicely on search engines and not ever worry about technical issues which may arise then we are the guys for you.


See ya around,

Yusuf Shakeel,

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 5.08.33 pm







PS: This is me fat, I am a lot slimmer and fitter now.

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Learn Business Tips from IBA and Fast-Nu Alumnus Entrepreneur

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